1. How can the straws be cleaned? All of our bamboo straws can be put into the dishwasher or alternatively cleaned using a small cleaning brush that can be ordered from us separately. Please note it is already provided in the linen bag (pack of 12). Please note that the straws may change colour slightly after several washes but are otherwise unchanged.
  2. What are the Straw dimensions? Our straws are approximately 19-20cm in length. However variations in the exact length and lumen diameter may exist as this is a 100% natural product.
  3. Do the straws come in other sizes? Other sizes may be available if required. Please contact us via e-mail. This will depend on our suppliers and the quantity ordered but we can certainly make enquiries.
  4. Are the wheat straws safe for people with gluten and wheat allergies? Whilst our suppliers stress that the wheat straws do not contain gluten, there is the theoretical possibility of a very slight contamination. We would therefore advise that people with a significant wheat or gluten allergy should not use these straws.